Join the Upcycling movement by donating you recycling!

Shredded paper

Shredded paper can be turn back into homemade paper. Please make sure there is not plastic mixed with the paper.

Food Cardstock Boxes

From frozen pizza to cereal. Any medium to large size boxes are usefull. Smaller boxes like tea, or spaguetti are not needed. Same with thicker cardboard boxes like amazon boxes.

Beer Bottle Caps

Save your beer bottlecaps and we will turn them into keychains and magnets. We are always curious to see what people normally drink. Please make sure the caps are not rusted nor bended.  

card stock.png

Recycling fact

The United States throws away $11.4 billion worth of recyclable containers and packaging every year.

Used Paper

We will give your one sided  8.5 x 11 in used prints or photocopies some good use! Please make sure the paper is not wrinkled or with holes.  If it contain sensitive information, we recomend donating it as shredded paper.

Send us an email to and we will pick up your recycling in the Pittsburgh area. You will receive a free sticker and a 25% coupon. Thanks for joining the upcycling movement